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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What the BestBites Thailand™ Guide represent ?

A: The BestBites Awards Program will be the first of its kind in Thailand and will serve to help the public as well as visitors to the Country to make safe and delightful eatery selections. By admitting only those eating Places who meet these food safety standards, customers can be confident that the products and service they receive are amongst the best in the country.

Beyond celebrating, the Awards program will conduct audits, provide advice and publish a web based pocket-sized guide of the best eateries on the Country based on food safety standards and practice. In addition, to improving food safety across the Country restaurant and hospitality sector. The Program will serve to boost the image and reputation of Thailand as a travel and culinary destination.

Q:  Reasons for a BestBites Thailand™ Membership

A:  In recent years, Food Tourism has grown considerably and has become one of the most dynamic and creative segments of tourism. Food and beverages are one of the main factors that motivate a person to travel to a particular destination. Researchers have pointed out, that the majority of overseas travelers take the food safety reputation of a destination into consideration when they choose their travel destinations.

In the field of marketing and promotion the experience of the Food Tourism shows the importance of seizing the opportunity represented by gastronomy for destinations. Key factors in this regard are: the development of high-quality and credible promotional tools—such as food guides, the media and use of the Internet and social networks.

In this light we developed BestBites Thailand™  a high-quality and innovative promotional tool—a pocket sized restaurant guide, based on food safety standards, published at the Internet and connected to the social networks.

Q:  What are the standards from the BestBites Thailand™ Guide

A:  To gain entry to this select Guide, a prospective BestBites Thailand™ Member has to achieve the following Criteria:

  • Food Hygiene and Safety Procedures,
  • Structural standards of the establishment,
  • Confidence in Management / control procedures,
  • Training Records,
  • (1) Annual audit – management system, GMP,  equipments and standards of premises.


A BestBites Thailand™ Award will include:

  • A robust Food Safety Management System,
  • Records And Documentation,
  • A online Food Safety Training, Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers  (National Registry of Food Safety Professionals)
  • Thereby offering protection to business from unjust customer complaints.


Q:  What for Mobile Marketing Options the guide offer ?

A:   The BestBites Thailand™ Guide offers you a effective mobile advertising and strategic marketing tool. Mobile marketing has been taken to the next level with geofencing, which gives companies the ability to advertise specifically to potential customers within a certain geographic radius.

Benefits of Geofencing in Marketing

By personalizing your marketing messages based on the location you can target people in the vicinity of your Restaurant / Hotel thus increasing the possibility of attracting more people to your business. This ensures improved targeting and personalization of marketing messages.


Consumers are more likely to engage with your brand on mobile if you provides them with relevant offers at the right time. This ensures better engagement with the consumers and in turn increases brand loyalty and advocacy.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages or alerts delivered by the app to the user. These messages appear on the home screen of a user’s mobile device regardless of whether the user is engaged with the app or even has it open.

Examples of push notifications include:

  • Promotional messages
  • Reminders
  • Calls-to-action for specific events


In-App Notifications

In-app communications direct your user’s attention to specific actions, messages, and features within the app, and are opportunities for you to engage your users. These messages give you the chance to be more personal and creative than with SMS or push notifications, because the user is already in the app and you aren’t limited by space or message volume issues.

Location-based marketing is highly personal and targeted which improves its efficiency significantly. By delivering specific offers to people based on their location you improve the impact that your communications create on the guests.

BestBites Thailand Listing Features฿*

Per Listing Duration : 365 days

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  • icon-check Mobile Marketing
  • icon-check Geofencing
  • icon-check Geofencing enables you to send offers to people who are in the vicinity of your business.
  • icon-check Push Notification (encouragement to visit, with coupon, special offer, etc.)