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About Us


We ensure that businesses and staff are trained to understand the importance of food safety.


All our team members, share a passion to ensure food safety and quality.


Our vision is to protect consumer health by providing the food industry with the best available practices.


We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients and help them to achieve their goals.

The BestBites Thailand™ Awards Program

The BestBites Thailand™ Awards Program will be the first of its kind in Thailand and will serve to help the public as well as visitors to the Country to make safe and delightful eatery selections.

Only the Best Eating Places are admitted to the BestBites Thailand™ Guide.
Beyond celebrating, the Awards program will conduct audits, provide advice and publish a web based pocket-sized guide of the best eateries on the Country based on food safety standards and practice. In addition, to improving food safety across the Country restaurant and hospitality sector. The Program will serve to boost the image and reputation of Thailand as a travel and culinary destination.

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